Is Ignition Casino Legit

Ignition Casino is a legitimate online casino with an operating license from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Licensing is one of the features of a fair online casino. If a casino operates without a permit, it cannot be trusted because it has a sinister ulterior motive. Ignition Casino started running in 2016 by Lynton Limited, a company behind other successful gaming properties, including Bovada and Ignition Poker. The company has brought years of experience to building the quality iGaming product you can enjoy today. Players are looking to benefit from a fantastic $3,000 sign-up offer and some of the best Rival Gaming and Real-Time Gaming (RTG).

Ignition Casino operates as a licensed casino without any restrictions. There are no laws explicitly prohibiting its operation, and for you as a player, playing at Ignition Casino Online is like traveling to Costa Rica and having a quick session. However, Ignition allows you to enjoy the casino from the comfort of your home or on the go. Ignition Casino comes with a flaming dice logo and says it's an online casino where the action is the hottest. That indicates that this beautiful online casino provides an excellent gaming experience, and Ignition Casino is truly a destination for amazing online casino gaming action. Ignition Casino started operating in 2016, making it a relatively young casino.

Ignition Casino knows that novelty does not inspire confidence in the industry, so its roots go further back. It is a site by Lynton Limited, the same operator responsible for the Bodog brands. Bodog, for example, is a legacy and arguably the biggest brand in the casino and gambling industries. Lynton Limited is an experienced and long-time player. Ignition Casino can say that it goes back to 2016. The website has an elegant and simple design and is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Ignition Casino comes with a speed racing theme. Its name says so much. It promises the hottest gaming action as an online destination offering full-throttle action and adrenaline-pumping gameplay. Its logo is even a flaming cube.


Many online casinos have an audit seal from established casino auditors (game testing labs). Such seals confirm that the casino offers fair play. That means that every player in the casino has a chance to win. Unfortunately, Ignition Casino does not publish any third-party audit seal on its website. To be certified righteous is a source of great pride; therefore, the absence of an audit seal at Ignition Casino can only mean that it has not undergone such audits and is not certified. While this doesn't make for a great read, it doesn't automatically mean the casino isn't fair. There is no doubt that Ignition Casino offers fair play. That's because the software is by some of the best casino auditors. Also, the games at Ignition Casino are available at many certified online casinos.


Ignition Casino is currently self-regulated. That means that it now has no official license. Like any other license, a gaming license tells us that the casino has submitted to the licensing jurisdiction and that the licensing jurisdiction has done some preliminary checks and found it worthy of providing gaming services. That means that the license confirms that the casino meets specific operating standards. Licensing jurisdictions also act as regulatory bodies that monitor the activities of casinos that hold their rights. That ensures that the casino continues to work pretty and pays. Therefore, there may be some concern that Ignition Casino is currently not officially licensed; it means that the casino is not under the supervision of any regulator.

That means that its players cannot get the player protections that well-regulated casinos provide. However, the absence of an official license should not be a cause for concern, as it does not mean that the casino does not meet and operate according to high standards. The Kahnawake Gambling Commission licensed Ignition Casino. It's a respected casino operator in the industry. The casino met the commission's stringent licensing requirements and has continued to meet its high standards in its short association. Unfortunately, Ignition Casino surrendered its license in late 2016 when the Kahnawake Gambling Commission decided not to support operators that accepted players from the US. Although Ignition is now self-regulated, its operating records show it's a reliable online casino.

Is Ignition Casino Legit?

Ignition Casino hasn't been around for very long; it doesn't have a third-party audit seal and is self-regulated may not inspire confidence. However, it still appears as a legitimate online casino. The first is its association with Lynton Limited and the Bodog brand. Lynton Ltd is a 100% legal and reliable casino operator, while Bodog is probably the biggest name in the business. Suffice it to say; these brands will not be associated with a fraudulent online casino. Also, the other online casinos operated by Lynton Limited are all legitimate sites; and it is unlikely that Ignition Casino will not follow the righteous path of these sister sites. The second is its operating record. As already mentioned, there are many Ignition Casino winners and payouts, so there is no doubt that the casino pays. That confirms that Ignition Casino is legit.

Is Ignition Casino safe?

You must share sensitive personal and credit card information using an online casino. Online fraudsters will be dancing on the moon if they get their hands on such data. Thus, an ideal online casino should use strict security measures to ensure that players' data is securely protected and not allowed to leak. Ignition Casino ticks this box. It uses SSL and Secure Sockets Layer technology. That's an industry-standard digital security measure. SSL moves data transmitted over a private channel, ensures that it remains confidential, and uses high-level (128-bit) encryption to ensure your data's security. With this bank-grade SSL technology used, there is no doubt that Ignition Casino is secure.