Dolphin Coast Slots

Welcome to the brand new ocean theme "Dolphin Coast" slot game. Having seen so many ocean/arctic/penguin themes before, I can now say: This is different. You are in to a surprise like never before. This game is smart. Sophisticated may I say. The graphics are… know the usual Microgaming stuff (that's good BTW) but the many features and possibilities to win is what got me in this game. Now get this : There are 3,125 different combinations of winning on this game! There are also 50 pay lines and the usual 5 reels. Sounds good right? Now, before you dive in to the deep blue waters to meet your ever friendly bottle nose dolphin, there are a few things you need to know. First, you got to love the multi-dimensional graphics and effects. The dolphins actually jumps out of the slot some times, so be prepared to give them a kiss. When playing dolphin coast slots, you get the chance to win 7.5 million coins! This will happen when you make it to the free spins bonus round. If you hit a 3, 4 or 5 scatters, you will be hearing those dolphins all night long as you count 7.5 million coins. But wait ! It doesn't here, if you happen to see the dolphin coast symbol on reel 3,that means the on screen bonus game will begin. When it does, you will see 3 cute dolphins on the payline. You need to choose one. That is where you get a chance to win 800,000 coins.

Well, enough said about the Dolphin Coast slot machine. Time to work and not play. We highly recommend you choose our friends at Crazy Vegas casino or click one of the banners below or above. Enjoy your swim.