Scratch Cards

Everybody loves Scratch cards! they are fun and exciting. No special skills are required and most of all - its a fast win. Playing regular casino games in a land based casino or even in an online casino, makes you prepare a budget and driving or "surfing" the net if you're at home.

But instead of sitting around a real table or an online poker room to figure out if you earned a few bucks or not, you can scratch a card with an awesome theme and design and within less than 3 seconds, you will know if you are a lucky winner or not. The odds are amazing ! it is a 1 in 3 ratio win so every 3rd card wins.

Don't be fooled by the easiness of the game and compare it to regular gambling. Prizes here can be in many thousands of dollars or euros as well. So, we wish you a great scratch! and hope you will scratch to cash.