A game that can withstand the tests of time is a game worth playing. Reason being is it must be exceptional if it has been passed through generations to generations. That's exactly what has happened with the game of dominoes. For many years, the game rather got lost in the shuffle with all the hype over Casinos hitting the internet as well as Poker sites. Many thanks are owed to DominoesStars for being innovative enough and astute enough to start the first ever-online Domino site. Yes, there are many sites that you can and have been able to for some time to go and play a game of dominoes, but never to the level that it is now offered at DominoesStars. What makes this such a unique game? Mostly because it is very easy to use and a newcomer to the game can start playing almost immediately. Beyond that, it then becomes a game of skills. You must plan your strategies if you find that you are most enthralled with the game. This so happens to be the case with so many players. So much so that you now see, tournaments and championships being held live all over the world. Although dominos has been around for centuries, it has become explosive in the last little while. The VII annual World Championships was recently held in St. Petersburg Russia just a few short weeks ago and the response was astounding. So really, what is the game of dominos? As we said, it is a simple game. There are many variations to the game and various sets of dominoes that you can purchase but the most popular set is the double six. In the set are several small tiles with dots on them. These dots (or pips as they are called) will vary on the tiles. In the double six set the tile numbers will go from 0 to 6. Within the set are 28 unique title. The highest value in the set is a double six with the lowest being a blank or no number on the tiles. The tiles are called bones. Through strategic moves, the object is to be able to get rid of all your bones before your opponents do. You then add up the pips on their tiles that they have left and that is your score. Depending on which form of dominoes you are playing will determine the winner after reaching a certain score. The game of dominoes is becoming so rapidly popular on the internet now that almost every major game site is offering it. Pogo, which is an extremely popular game site, has this game on their roster as well as AOL and several of the others. All one has to do is visit any one of these sites and you can tell by the number of players just how popular the game is. As we mentioned the tournament and competitions on land pay testimony to its popularity as well. It is a game that once you begin to learn and play will give you many hours of enjoyment. The great part of dominoes is it is truly a wonderful family game.

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